Filagen Global is a Korea-based JV established in 2019 by MR.STEVE C.I.HWANG of HBTEX INC, who has been engaged in the TEXTILE INDUSTRY for 37 years, MR. JIMME CHUN-HSIN SHEN from GEP Spinning in Thailand, and MR.MICKEY HSIEH of RCT NEW MATERIAL TECH in China/Taiwan. The company's vision is to deliver WEARABLE COLLAGEN textiles (Filagen which are made of collagen substances) to worldwide consumers who strive to be healthy and care about their skin.

Our main product, FILAGEN, is a fiber containing marine collagen, which has various functions such as skin moisturizing, UV protection, breathability, deodorization, and antibacterial effects. It is regenerated from the natural component of marine collagen, and is an eco-friendly and a sustainable material.

Collagen FIBER was developed by GEP Spinning in Thailand in 2009, and the patent of collagen FIBER manufacturing technology was recognized after many years of R&D and test analyses. From 2019, Filagen Global, GEP Spinning, and RCT NEW MATERIALS have been expanding to Europe and the United States, as well as Asia including Korea, Thailand, China, Taiwan, and Japan.

In the new normal era post COVID pandemic, the awareness of environmental pollution around the world has been rising. People are much more aware of well-being such as skin aging prevention and antibacterial materials. The demand for wearable collagen, our main material, has been also increasing along with the change.

We will strive to become a new change in the current textile market, where still most of the functional materials are synthetic fibers, and to help consumers maintain their skin healthy. We will strive to develop advanced and diverse materials through our constant research and development.

Thank you so much for your interest.

Product Description

Most of the modification of collagen issued in the medical and beauty fields.

It is relatively rare in textile applications.

FILAGEN refers to the application of collagen modification in medical and beauty,

screening suitable cross-linking agents and applying them to textiles.

In the industry ,the added value of textiles is greatly increased.


After obtained multiple textile experimental certifications from authoritative organizations .There is no common disease between man and fish

So ,the deep sea fish scales extract marine collagen is more pure

Filagen fiber has the functions of moisturizing ,natural deodorizing and antibacterial ,anti-ultraviolet ,highly skin-friendly and anti-static .

This is undoubtedly the leader in a new generation of functional fiber materials .